Terms and Conditions
NOTE: Mirrorvue and Decovue products have additional terms on the bottom of this page.

All purchases come standard with a 12 months’ warranty on manufacturing defect and 90 days free technical support. If there seems to be a defect in the product, first contact support@evervue.com for technical assistance. If a product needs to be returned for repair, ship the product back, shipping prepaid, to the address we will provide. The customer is responsible for the shipping and it is strongly recommended to use a good packaging to avoid damages. Evervue has the right to repair or to replace the product with new or refurbished components. Remote controls are (due to the nature of the product) NOT covered by any warranty.

Refund Policy:
Qualified purchases can be returned for refund, less the original shipping, and handling, within 14 days after receipt of the order. Products must be complete, in new, unused condition and in original packaging shipped prepaid to our warehouse. Mirrorvue products, Decovue products, CT200 products and all other products that are customized do not qualify for our refund policy. This refund policy does not apply to business/corporate customers (B2B)

Transport Damage:
All deliveries MUST be inspected on receipt and any damages MUST be reported within 24 hours of receipt by sending an email to shipping @evervue.com that contains: the order number, photos of the damage and other information that you believe is relevant. Also, the product MUST be on the location of the original delivery address. Transporting the products to another location is fully for the responsibility of the customer.

Missing Products:
The customer MUST inspect all deliveries to see if there is anything missing. If an order is not complete, the customer MUST report this within 24 hours after delivery by sending an email to shipping@evervue.com that contains: the order number, a description of the missing item.

LED Display Pixel Policy:
It is not uncommon for one or more sub-pixels to become fixed in an unchanged state. They may appear as a bright sub-pixel or a dark sub-pixel. These pixels can occur during the production process. This is not considered a defect.1-3 inactive pixels is considered acceptable and within industry standard – this is not only an Evervue standard but an industry standard for all LED panels.

Small Scratch/Irregularity Policy:
Very small scratches, or very small irregularities –that are difficult to see- on a larger surface is not common. This is not considered a defect.

Additional Terms for Mirrorvue, Decovue and Grand Mirrors Products:
All MirrorVue and Decovue orders are customized and therefore, non refundable. If the order is canceled while in production, a 30% production fee will be applied and the remainder will be refunded. Because this is a specially crafted product we give each customer an estimated delivery time. Due to the fragility and specialty of the product unexpected delays may occur causing delivery times to be extended, the same refund/production policies apply to all non delivered or delayed orders. Due to computer display variances, all materials used in making our MirrorVue and DecoVue products may appear slightly different color on our website than they do in person. For a nominal fee, we offer samples of all materials used in the making of these products. MirrorVue and DecoVue products are fully customized non refundable purchases. Order cancellations or returns based on slight color differences are not accepted. Warranty: All MirrorVue and Decovue orders (custom and standard) come with a 1 year in factory warranty. For warranty claims the customer must ship the warranty item, freight prepaid and we will repair/replace according to the warranty and ship to the original order shipping address at our expense. It is important to understand what can be expected of the TV image displayed in a Mirror TV. Since a Mirror TV is “interactive” with the environment in which it is used, the viewing image will never look exactly like that of a standard TV. Lighting elements in the room (including windows that may need to be shaded during daylight use) can be adjusted for optimal viewing. The mirror glass is a reflective surface and some items in the room of use can be visibly reflected in it, even in the area where the TV screen is located. Usually a user experiences an adjustment period in which they acclimate to the differences between the display of a mirror TV and a standard TV. This is like a settling in period that should be considered normal for a product of a different caliber than one is used to utilizing. All measurements include a + – 2mm ( 79/1000″) tolerance.

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