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Cosmos Outdoor TV 32” (2024 Model)

A$3,499.00 Incl. GST

With a wide variety of brands available, it is important to consider all available features.
Well-informed customers choose Cosmos Outdoor TV.

1. Real 4K Smart TV with all the latest features and technology.
2. Indestructible stainless steel. Strongest and most durable TV on the market.
3. Safe, 24-volt power system. Can connect to 100-240 volt, or directly to your 24 volt network.
4. Best designed Outdoor TV that will compliment your garden.
5. Best audio because of the audio streamers designed for optimal sound.
6. Rain-Snow-Sun Cap. Best protection and looks great!
7. And much more! Click here to compare before you purchase.

Now shipping: The brand-new 2024 Cosmos Outdoor TV models.

  • The ONLY Stainless Steel Smart All Weather Outdoor TV. Indestructible.
  • Safe 24 volt (much safer than 110 or 220 volt on the lawn or near the pool).
  • 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. Excellent picture quality.
  • Standard with Voice Control (Google Assistant).
  • Full Temperature Control System; Use anywhere, anytime. Set it and forget it, all year long (keep connected to power at all times).
  • Patented weather cap, patented audio streamers. Excellent audio quality that is directed towards you.
  • Separate set-top box compartment. Easy to upgrade after a few years. (very important)
  • Wide-angle remote control receiver
  • With water-resistant Zepp Remote control. With a convenient holder with suctions cups.
  • Latest available version Android TV pre-installed. Connect to Wi-Fi and ready to use.
  • Built-in quality speakers for great audio. The streamers direct the audio towards you.
  • Comes with 20′/6 meter outdoor power cable.
  • Compatible with Mirror Feeds app. What is this?
  • Beautiful Sunbrella Covers available in many colors.
  • Check out our stainless-steel mounts. A TV outdoors in the wind and rain, you need a strong and solid mount.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • 14 days return policy (Australia only).

Stock Status: In stock, ships quickly.

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